My name is Alex and I’m the hands and mind behind Fourniol Ceramics.


In a highly digitalised world, I believe in reconnecting the human heart to its roots - the raw beauty of creation. 


Making ceramics fosters this deep connection by stripping us away from the distraction of modern life and drawing us back to an ancient human practice. 


The process of forming and firing clay and glazing each piece to perfection, translates nature’s pristine beauty into tangible art. 


I am passionate about creating handcrafted ceramics that bring timeless, austere beauty to your everyday life.




I started my clay journey back in summer of 2020, right after the start of the pandemic. After a rocky start with a clay-at-home kit and no previous experience, I quickly found myself captured by the possibilities and roughness of clay as an artistic medium! 

Having tried various techniques from slab pottery, press moulding to pinch pots, I was instantly captured by the process of wheel throwing. Since then I have mainly created wheel-thrown functional ceramics. 

Thanks to the encouragement and a great deal of support from those close to me and from each and every person who has bought from me so far, I was finally able to start Fourniol Ceramics in 2023. 

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